Latest News

We'll be using this page to keep you updated on recent changes to the site (both new features, and bug fixes), as well as to provide you with a heads up of what's coming soon.
If there are any features that you'd like to see, send us a quick message using the INFO menu on the left, or via our contact page.

9th July 2015

  • The new "Getting Started" guide helps you learn about and get the most from PORTFORA's features
  • Your short bio now appears in search results
  • We've added a link to FollowerWonk so you can see when is the best time to schedule your Twitter posts

9th June 2015

  • Nude/glamour/erotic photos are no longer permitted
  • You can now post status updates, with photos, to your activity page, and your social media.
  • Photos can be added to status updates by uploading from your device, or pasting an image's URL from the web

24th May 2015

  • Completely new design with so many new features!
  • You can now queue up photos to be posted throughout the week, meaning your photos will be seen by more people. As these photos can also be posted to your social media, it saves you the hassle of having to update your social media regularly.

27th October 2014

  • PORTFORA MAGAZINE - we'll be posting regular interviews, modelling, and photography articles, for you to be inspired by
  • Retouchers can now join, to show off their amazing post-processing talents
  • Follow us on social media, as we're posting the best photo every day as our POTD, and other inspiring fashion photoshoot news and images

22nd September 2014

  • See which of your Facebook friends are already on Portfora, so you can follow them and tag them in your photos
  • We've put a lot of work into streamlining the sign-up process, so now it's even simpler for your friends to join you on Portfora
  • You can now edit your profile photo and cover photo from your profile page
  • Check out our new set of tips to help you boost your profile and get more work

18th August 2014

  • Improved Facebook connectivity
    • we’ve completely re-written our Facebook integration, to work with their newest API, to be more stable, and to offer you some great new features soon. If you encounter any Facebook-related issues, try disconnecting your Facebook account and re-connecting it (from the Account Settings page); and do let us know too.
    • if you have a Facebook profile AND a Facebook page, you can now choose to auto-post your photos/castings to both of them at the same time, saving you even more time and effort. You can configure where your Facebook posts go, from your Account Settings page.
    • you can now show links to your Facebook profile AND/OR your Facebook page, from your portfolio. These links can be made visible to the public, members-only, or completely hidden; configured from the Privacy Settings page.
  • we've added a Privacy Policy, so you know how your data is stored, protected, and used.
  • forms now let you re-use text you’ve previously submitted (particularly useful when editing photos)
  • URLs typed in photo comments are now clickable

9th June 2014

  • Photo Streams - infinite scrolling, for endless inspiration
  • Charts of the top members:
    • Most Likes/Comments - which members have received the most likes and comments on their photos
    • Most Collaborations - shows who's worked with the most other members (based on photos they've tagged, or are tagged in)
    • Most Followers - see who's most popular with other members
    • Top Referrers - who are the most influential people at inviting new members
  • Featured members and photos are now easier to spot throughout the site - just look for the crown icon

25th May 2014

  • You can now tag non-members in your photos
    • If the person you want to tag doesn't show up in the list of members you can tag, click on the "Tag a non-member" link
    • You'll be able to enter their name & email address - they'll receive a message informing them that you'd like to tag them
    • Once they sign up, they'll automatically be tagged in your photo(s)
    • You can tag people in as many photos as you want without worrying about bombarding them with emails - they'll only receive one message
  • We've added our first article, an interview with model and dancer Kaitlin Chapple. Contact us if you're interested in being featured in an article, or submitting content.
  • We now support PNG image uploads as well as JPGs

7th May 2014

  • You can now receive email alerts whenever new members join, and new castings are posted
    • If you save any searches for people, you can choose to be notified whenever new members join who match your search criteria; the same applies for casting searches
    • For each saved search, you can turn email notifications on or off
    • You can then choose whether to receive email notifications for new members/castings weekly, daily, or turn them off; your email preferences can be managed from the Account Settings page
    • All of your saved searches can be managed from the new My Saved Searches page
    • If you don't have any saved searches yet, you will be notified of new members/castings within 50 miles of any of your locations
  • Search results can be sorted by distance from your primary location, even if you didn't specify a location in your search criteria

20th April 2014

  • Added a tour of all of the site's smart features
  • You can now reset a lost password even if you signed up with Facebook or Twitter
  • The site now uses the word "Portfolio" more consistently, instead of occasionally referring to it as "Profile"

16th April 2014

  • Added Privacy Settings to the top-right menu
    • You can now choose to have your age and/or gender visible to everyone, only to members, or to no-one
    • You can restrict NSFW photos that you have uploaded, or are tagged in, to only be visible to other members
    • Your connected Twitter account details can be hidden from other members, or from the public
    • Your profile, and all your activity on the site, can be hidden from non-members

7th April 2014

  • Added "Safe Mode" for browsing at work
    • You can now choose to hide NSFW images while browsing the site. This makes it easier for you to use the site while at work/in public, and also allows us to start featuring NSFW images
    • NSFW images will be replaced by a warning box, but the photos can still be viewed with one click (which turns Safe Mode off)
    • Safe Mode is off for all members by default, but is on for all visitors who aren't logged in
    • Logged-in members can change the setting from their Account Settings page
    • Other visitors can change the setting from the left INFO menu

31st March 2014

  • Greatly-improved Facebook and Twitter integration
    • You can now connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts, even if you signed up in with email/password
    • You can choose to have new photo uploads automatically posted to your Twitter feed, Facebook timeline, or a Facebook page you manage
    • You can also choose to have your castings automatically posted to Twitter/Facebook when you create or update them
    • If you've tagged people in a photo, and they have a Twitter account connected, they'll automatically be @mentioned in the Twitter auto-post, or when you use the Share on Twitter link
  • You can now add a password to login with, if you signed up with Facebook/Twitter
  • Added sharing tools, with links/images to make it easier to share your profile
  • You can now invite friends to join (by email)
  • When someone signs up from your referral link or email invitation, you'll automatically follow each other
  • Added helpful tooltips for the left navigation menu icons
  • You can now add your Instagram username or add your Tumblr username - we'll @mention you if we feature your photos on our feed
  • Links to your Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr accounts are shown on your profile, if you've added them
  • Improved notification emails now include text links to the relevant content (the photo was already clickable, but this is clearer)
  • Improved the appearance of the preview when posting your profile/casting on Facebook and Twitter
  • Improved the appearance of photos when sharing to Tumblr
  • Made password recovery more robust
  • Uploading of photos smaller than 300px is no longer possible

12th February 2014

  • New member types added: Stylist, and Studio
  • You will now be notified by email whenever there is activity on your profile:
    • whenever a photo you uploaded, or are tagged in, receives a like, or a comment, or is featured by Portfora
    • when you get a new follower
    • when you are tagged in a photo
  • Each type of email notification can be turned on or off from your Account page
  • You can report any profile, photo, message, comment, or casting, that is offensive or inappropriate
  • We've added membership rules and photo rules - please ensure you've read them
  • Featured Photos are now labeled as such, on the info pane when you're viewing them
  • To prevent members from receiving spam/bulk messages, you can only create 5 new conversations per hour, and 10 new conversations per day. This doesn't affect replies to existing conversations
  • Fixed a couple of issues with the inbox

17th January 2014

  • You can now change the order of your photos in Manage Photos (by date uploaded, or by manually dragging them into your preferred order). This should even work on touch devices, but let us know if your device is having any problems

14th January 2014

  • We've started featuring members whose work is incredible. The home page now shows featured photos and featured members, and you can filter on Featured members in Advanced Search
  • The home page, and Advanced Search results, are now faster
  • Some Android mobiles were unable to enter text
  • You weren't able to de-tag yourself from other people's photos
  • Some filters weren't working properly in Advanced Search
  • Locations weren't always stored in English (they used the the user's local language)

5th January 2014

  • The Beta is now public! There's still lots to improve, and great features to add, but you can start building your portfolio and network of friends
  • Referral program - use the share link to invite your friends, and earn a FREE month of Pro membership for each friend that upgrades to Pro. Find out more
  • Added copyright field for photos, so you can now credit the photographer properly
  • Fixed photo uploads with a space in the file-name
  • Now display photo location

29th December 2013

  • Notifications when other members interact with your profile (red icon in the navigation menu), showing the following activity:
    • When another member likes your photo, or a photo you are tagged in
    • When someone starts following you
    • When someone comments on your photo, or a photo you are tagged in
    • When someone tags you in a photo
    • When your photos are selected as Featured Photos by Portfora
  • News feed on the home page - see the latest updates of people you follow
  • Profile activity timeline, so your visitors can see your latest updates - shown on your profile

20th December 2013

  • You can now upload multiple files easily:
    • When uploading photos to your portfolio, you can now upload up to 20 photos at a time
    • You'll then be able to crop and tag each photo, one after another
    • You don't have to crop and tag all the photos straight away; they'll sit in the "Unused Photos" section. The next time you go to edit any photo, it will let you continue editing the remaining photos.
  • If you sign up with your Facebook account, your Facebook profile photo will be used. You can easily upload a new profile photo to replace it.
  • Unused Photos in the Manage Photos page wasn't showing all unused photos correctly

16th December 2013

  • Huge improvements to the photo viewer:
    • No more scrolling to view photo details/comments, everything is always available on screen
    • You can now share any photo to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google+
    • The footer bar lets you view comments, photo details, add to your favourites, and share on social networks
  • Updated home page - more information about Portfora added for non-members
  • Photos are automatically rotated correctly on upload (e.g. iPhone photos taken upside down)
  • Resend activation email works again
  • Profile/cover photos are updated immediately when you upload a new image
  • Member navigation menu now works correctly on touch devices (iOS)
  • Model breast enhancement field now saves correctly

6th December 2013

  • New talents added (Make-Up Artist, Hair Stylist, Clothing Designer)
  • Email notifications when you receive a message
  • Latest news section, so you can find out what new features have been added
  • Photos are automatically rotated correctly on upload (e.g. iPhone photos taken upside down)
  • Resend activation email works again
  • Profile/cover photos are updated immediately when you upload a new image
  • Member navigation menu now works correctly on touch devices (iOS)
  • Model breast enhancement field now saves correctly