Member Rules

PORTFORA aims to be a safe and respectful environment for people to browse creative work, and showcase their own. Thus, we have set out rules to help ensure it remains appropriate for all audiences.

Please ensure you have also read and comply with the Photo Rules.

Portfolio Completeness

There are minimum requirements for your portfolio to be publicly visible. If at any time you have fewer than 4 photos in any talent section, your portfolio will automatically become hidden from public view. Within each talent section, the photos must all be relevant and different.
We also request that you provide a sufficiently-detailed description for each talent that you have selected. You should write a bio about yourself, your experience in the field, credits, and what you're looking to accomplish. You are welcome to add links to your work elsewhere on the internet.
Models should include at least one photo of their face, and one full-length photo.
MUAs, Hair Stylists, Fashion Designers, Stylists should show photos of at least two different people (i.e. don't just submit photos of yourself). You should also include at least four different looks, rather than several shots of the same look/designs.
Studios should show photos of the facilities and equipment, rather than the resulting images of models taken in the studio.


Your portfolio must be owned and managed by yourself. We do not currently allow portfolios to be created by managers/agents/representatives, and you should never share your login details with anyone else.
You must be at least 18 years of age to create a portfolio. No exceptions.
All of the details you provide in your portfolio must be accurate and honest. This is especially relevant for physical characteristics (e.g. measurements, height, clothing sizes). You will ultimately meet with the people you connect with, so they will find out your real measurements anyway. They may have clothing specifically sized to fit your measurements, or have other reasons for choosing someone with your characteristics, so please be honest and accurate, to avoid your embarrassment, or their wasted time.


Quality of work is a subjective matter, and while PORTFORA is open to new talent looking to break into the industry, we reserve the right to moderate accounts that fail to meet a sufficient level of quality. We will inform you if this is the case. Please review the Photo Rules to ensure your photographs meet our technical and editorial requirements.

Moderator Discretion

Our moderators reserve the right to suspend any accounts that they deem fraudulent, or inappropriate. You will be informed if this occurs.

You are welcome to contact us if you feel your account has been suspended unfairly.