PORTFORA is the best place to showcase your portfolio

PORTFORA is an exclusive platform for creative talents in the fashion industry to showcase their portfolios, engage with their audience, and find work opportunities.

It is the easiest way to keep a portfolio and social media regularly updated, with unique scheduling features that save time and hassle, and help reach a wider audience. Membership is curated, providing a high quality network of people to collaborate with, and casting opportunities for career progression. In the future, the site will cater for the acting, dance, and music industries, offering professional castings and fan engagement features.

Launched in 2014, PORTFORA was founded by Claude Schneider, a Computer Science graduate of the University of Cambridge. He has been developing large web applications for over a decade, including software that controls the BBC Studios, Swedish Parliament, and China's state power company. He is also a fashion and dance photographer, whose work has been selected by Rankin for his Dig the New Breed exhibition, published in the launch issue of Hunger Magazine, and shown internationally from London to Vancouver. Claude regularly mentors about Lean Startup methodology, and is a strong supporter of female entrepreneurs. You can view his portfolio here on PORTFORA, focusing on beauty and ballet; or follow three years of his #365project on Instagram.

PORTFORA - portfolios and social media for the fashion industry

The name PORTFORA is a portmanteau of the words "Portfolio" and "Forum" - a place where talented people can collaborate and showcase their portfolios.
The logo is based on the Fleur de Lys, used by French royalty, and evocative of class and quality. The flourishes contain the letters P and F, representing the name PORTFORA.